Mel Parmley Elementary School

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Special Thanks to our PTO, WHS Construction Tech class, and Fifth Grader, Kara Lambert

Fifth grader, Kara Lambert, wrote a proposal to our Parmley PTO asking for "Buddy Benches" for the playground. She stated, "the benches would help students make friends and be social. If students were having a bad day or needed someone to play with outside, that person could sit on the bench." She continued by explaining, "the other students on the playground would notice and could go sit with that person to listen or be a friend." Our PTO was excited, and with the help of Mr. Underwood and his Construction Tech class, Parmley now has two "Buddy Benches" for the playground. Kara and our student council have plans to paint the benches. School counselor, April Woodburn, also has plans to present the purpose of the benches to the rest of the students.
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